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Welcome to our first Newsletter

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Hello Friends,

We hope this finds you well and thriving despite the difficult situation most of us are in at the moment. What a year! But let’s not dwell on all that…as we are finally sending out our first newsletter!

Firstly, thankyou! Whether you signed up to our subscriber list some years ago or you have recently purchased something on our new online store and have chosen to keep up to date with what is happening in our world with the bees, we are very grateful for your support and interest.

Despite the persistent trials and tribulations of fires, floods, pandemics and economic downturns, we’ve been fortunate to have some good things happen recently we'd like to share with you.



A delicious. Prize

National Trophy: Outstanding Artisan

Each year the .delicious Produce Awards celebrate the country’s innovative, native and outstanding Australian ingredients, rewarding those that are sourced or produced with dedication, passion, knowledge and regard for the environment.

We were thrilled to be nominated again this year for our Blue Mountains Post Brood Polyflora Wild Honey and submitted samples earlier in the year for judging. A month or so ago Tim received an exciting call from the .delicious Awards team advising him he was the recipient of one of the national trophies at this year's ceremony (which was later moved online due to the lockdown).

When Tim heard that he was awarded the trophy for Outstanding Artisan while watching the virtual award ceremony last Monday night he was buzzing!

Malfroy's Gold Wild Honey Winner of National Trophy .delicious Outstanding Artisan
photo © .delicious Produce Awards
To be recognised by so many industry legends and the best chefs in the country was a real honour and means the world to us.

We are fortunate to have had so much interest and support from our colleagues, customers, chefs, distributors, retailers, family and friends over the years. So a big thankyou for your ongoing support!

Gold Medal: From the Earth

Malfroy's Gold Wild Honey Post Brood 500g
Malfroy's Gold Gold Medallist .delicious Produce Awards 3 years running

In addition to the National Trophy for Outstanding Artisan, our Blue Mountains Post Brood Wild Honey was the recipient of a .delicious Gold Medal in the From the Earth category for the third year running. Once again, we are very grateful and overjoyed that our work and produce is recognised at this level and appreciated by such a prestigious judging panel. Thank you again, .delicious Magazine


A Buzz in the Air

Amidst the struggle of trying to run a business during Covid lockdowns, we’ve been fortunate to receive some wonderful media coverage recently.

A few of the highlights being the coverage of our .delicious awards, a radio spot on ABC radio, our post brood honey used on Channel 7 and 10 in cooking segments and feature articles about us published in The Land and Australian Geographic Explorers Magazine.

Tim Malfroy and Guillaume Brahimi on Plat Du Tour
Tim discussing our Wild honeys with Guillaume on his SBS food program, Plat Du Tour

Tim was honoured to have the opportunity to chat with renowned chef, Guillaume Brahimi, about our wild honey range on his popular SBS food show, Plat Du Tour.

Tim made the journey to Berry NSW - in that happy window of zero Covid cases and no lockdowns - with his wild honey and wild honeycomb samples, and was made to feel very welcome by the whole SBS team. After speaking with Tim, Guillaume prepared a gorgeous french dessert, Tarte Bourdaloue, with our Blue Mountains Post Brood Wild Honey brushed over the top.

Malfroy's Gold produce on Plat Du Tour July 2021
A collection of the produce Tim shared with Guillaume
Malfroy's Gold on Plat Du Tour July 2021
Guillaume's Tarte Bourdaloue brushed with Wild Honey
We’re really thrilled with the segment and blown away by the positive feedback we received after it aired. We are grateful to Guillaume and his team for their support of what we do.

You can see excerpts and view the full segments for the SBS spot and more on our media page on the new website.
photos © SBS Plat Du Tour


Sweetness and Light

A New Website and Online Shop

If you weren't aware already, we have a new online shop and website up - it's only taken us 10 years to convert our quaint little HTML page to a mobile friendly, ecommerce site.

In addition to functioning on modern technology (!), the site is full of great information on our beekeeping, wild honey products and the regions we work in. It also contains topical articles, news, and, best of all, we’ve done away with the PDF order form so you can now order and purchase on any device with a range of payment options on offer.

Shipping and Minimum Order Requirement Reduced
(During Lockdown)

In addition to a temporary reduction in shipping and the minimum order, we have recently added 4 jar multipacks to our product range, so you can buy more Wild Honey at a discounted price, and mix and match the varieties you prefer - saving on postage and minimising your carbon footprint at the same time.

We also have Gift Vouchers available from $50 to $200 - a great Father’s Day gift for that honey loving Dad or Grandad!

* Please note we are still bound by Australian Biosecurity regulations so are not permitted to send honey to TAS, NT or WA unfortunately


This Month's Select Products

Malfroy's Gold 1kg Wild Honey Blue Mountains Polyflora

Wild Honey 1kg
Blue Mountains Polyflora

Malfroy's Gold Wild Honey 500g Mixed 4 Pack

Wild Honey 500g
Mixed 4 Pack
(other combinations and
sizes available)


Malfroy's Gold Australia 50 Gift Voucher

Malfroy's Gold
Gift Voucher

Malfroy's Gold 500g Wild Honey Yellow Box

Wild Honey 500g
Yellow Box



Waxing Lyrical

In addition to a well received natural beekeeping article Tim wrote some years back, and a comprehensive collection of links and texts on bees, honey and hives, we have just uploaded some new articles Tim has penned about the unique properties of our Wild Honey products.

If you’re interested in the medicinal benefits of honey, or healthy food in general, the recent articles below outline how our products differ from conventionally produced honey.

Tim will be writing more articles in the near future and commenting on papers released in beekeeping and scientific circles when he gets a spare minute here and there, so we will keep you posted on any new articles in this newsletter.
Our Wild Honey: The Proof is in the Pollen
Malfroy's gold Cross Section Post Brood Comb
Cross section of wild comb from our Warré hives, photo © Kirsten Bradley
Every now and again we send our Warré honey away to be tested at an independent laboratory that specialises in analysing honey. This year we also included a ‘certified organic’ raw honey that was randomly selected from a retail store to see how our honey compared to another brand. To cut a long story short, the results came back with our wild honey having 144 times the typical amount of pollen found in most organic honeys!
Our Wild Honey: As Raw As It Gets
Malfroy's Gold Cold PRessing Wild Comb
Cold pressing wild comb from our Warré hives, photo © Kirsten Bradley
This is the second in a series of articles explaining the results we received after sending our Wild honey away to be tested. This article refers to the analysis of the HMF (Hydroxymethylfurfural) component in honey to determine whether it has been overheated during processing or storage. As we'd hoped and expected, given our natural and sustainable approach to beekeeping and honey processing, our wild honeys came back with very favourable results.


Social Insects

In case you are not already following us, Tim decided to join the rest of the planet a few years back and set up an instagram account.

Tim Malfroy and his Warré Hives in the Blue Mountains photo © eric Tourneret
Tim with his Warré Hives in the Blue Mountains, photo © Eric Tourneret

The aim of the account is to give an insight into our Warré wild beekeeping adventures in the Blue Mountains and Central Tablelands.

This month saw the coming of spring in the mountains and the beginning of what looks to be a very busy season with the bees already producing honeycomb and the first of the wildflowers blossoming in the lower blue mountains.

Malfroy's Gold, Beronia Blossom at one of ourBlue Mountains apiaries this spring
Last week the Blue Mountains Boronia was in full bloom with bursts of mauve pink and yellow from the pea flowers dotting the understory of the sandstone country
Malfroy's Gold, Blue Mountains Spring Apiary
One of the beautiful places Tim gets to work - a permanent apiary in the Lower Blue Mountains Wilderness

Tim will be sure to fill your feed with updates from the field about the ever changing unique flora of the regions, bee biology, our wild honey produce and other interesting things - all bee related - follow along below!

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Part of our Hive

We love working with some of the best chefs in Sydney. They are dedicated, hard working people with a passion for great produce.

Our dream has always been to elevate honey to its rightful place as a unique and amazing food with flavour, character and terroir. That is why it is so heartening to see the chefs use the wild honey, honeycomb and beeswax in a way that honours the produce, is endlessly creative and mouth wateringly delicious.

"Tim Malfroy produces some of the world’s best honey in the pristine world heritage Blue Mountains of Australia. Malfroy’s honey is a great representation of the terroir of the Blue Mountains with its complex flora and pure environment. The depth of flavour is amazing; this honey is something special."

Peter Gilmore, Sydney, October 2020
Executive Chef, Quay, The Rocks and Bennelong, Opera House, Sydney

Pictured: Peter's stunning Cheese Course for Two featuring our Wild Honeycomb

Malfroy's Gold wild Honeycomb Quay Restaurant Photo © Quay, Sydney

We have collated the kind things they have said about our work and some of the incredible dishes they have created in their restaurants with our produce!


We hope to post a full newsletter once a month and will also send shorter notices when appropriate about new products, courses, offers and other interesting developments.

We hope you enjoyed the newsletter, please let us know what you think!

Thanks for reading,
Tim, Emma and the daughters of the light

Tim and Emma Malfroy, photo © Michael Wee
Tim and Emma Malfroy of Malfroy's Gold
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