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Enjoy it now while we still have real Australian honey. Once we go to management of the varroa mite, honey will not be cheap nor will it be chemical free. 
For me, this would ge a special occasion cake - and it looks fabulous- but for everyday cake I will use banana bread.
‘Delicious’ recipe tale; fired the imagination & senses even in a dedicated WFPB eater! K’s companion.
Who has the time to reproduce this…
Looking at this recipe, now I know how the contestants on MasterChef feel facing a ‘pressure test’.
My mother-in-law made us Russian Honey cake for us weeks before passing.  It was a marathon effort but so worth the time and memories.   Not for the feint hearted - a grand showstopper.   I have saved this recipe.  Thank you. 
Look, I’m sure this is delicious, but Lennox Hastie may be surprised to know that I don’t have all weekend to make 12 layered cake! Please find a person who can supply us with realistic, delicious recipes we can use to feed our families.
Agree. We had such a person for some years - David Herbert . His recipes are the best ! 

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