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 Delve into the bee hive 

Delve into the bee hive

CALL me crazy, but I have always thought a bee hive in the backyard would be great; the buzz of bees, the sweet, fresh honey.

I am yet to convince my family the idea is sound, but it hasn’t stopped me being madly enthusiastic about bees and honey.

If you too would like to know a little bit more about this sweet subject the top pub at Millthorpe, Basalt, is holding a honey course.

On April 9, from 11am, Tim Malfroy from Malfroy’s Gold will be talking honey.

(Malfroy’s Gold is based in the Central West and produces honey, honeycomb, soft set honey and beeswax.)

Basalt’s Joel Owen met Tim after buying his honey at farmers’ markets in Sydney; and Tim has since installed a Frenchstyle bee hive in Basalt’s kitchen


“Every time [Tim Malfroy] comes over here he gets really enthused,” Joel said.

“He will be talking about the bees and their habits; we are going to be pulling apart the hive.

“There will be honey tasting, and included in the price is a jar of honey to take home.”

If you can’t make it to Millthorpe this autumn, Basalt

will be running the course again in spring.

“We will be holding them again probably in November when the bees become active,” said Joel.

“The bees are pretty quiet throughout winter.

“In the first year we had a great year with pollination and fruiting in our kitchen garden,

which is probably due to the bees.

“It is extremely interesting, you can never know too much about honey.”

There are several places left for the first course (at the time of writing 12 people had booked), and the cost of the course is $40. To book call 6366


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