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Wild Honey artwork


Wild Honey artwork


There’s this chap I know called Tim Malfroy who is a 2nd generation bee keeper and this artwork is a portrait of some of his giant bee hives. Tim lives out west – way past our place and has his bee hives set up all over the place. He uses these crazy looking warre hives and employs an old fashioned, gentle and natural beekeeping method.

He is a lovely man and he looks like he is made out of the honey he makes, all golden and warm. We were planning on having one of his apiaries at our place this spring but with the fires and all the damage to the bush we had to change our plans. Hopefully by next Spring we will be able to start making our own Rough Track honey with Tims bees.

This artwork, Wild Honey, was originally created as a large scale stencil print as part of an exhibition in Katoomba called Edge To Edge and is now available as a giclee print 35cm wide x 22 deep

Also available in larger sizes, contact me for details.

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Dimensions 17 × .1 × 32 cm
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