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A Scent of Freedom

'Wild honey has a scent - of freedom'

Wild Honey, Anna Akhmatova, 1934

Hello Friends,

Working alongside our little ladies as they buzz their way into a new season of light, warmth and freedom, we are struck by their eternal, communal optimism and ability to just get on with it, no matter what the world throws at them.

In keeping with that spirit, we would like to share with you a few of the things that have been keeping us very busy for the past 5 weeks or so.

Aside from the most important task of tending to his burgeoning bee colonies, Tim has been preparing a new honey variety for release this week (!), has written a short piece for a food magazine and has been updating his instagram feed with insights from his beekeeping days in the bush - read on for more details!



Introducing Mountain Meadow

Polyflora Wild Honey from the Grassy Woodlands of the Central Ranges

In the lead up to the bee season of 2019/20, the Central Tablelands (and much of NSW) had suffered through the most extreme drought in recorded history. The drought finally broke and the rains that fell on parched ground triggered a flowering of ground flora species that are rarely seen.

Malfroy's Gold Wild Honey Winner of National Trophy .delicious Outstanding Artisan
One of our Central Tablelands apiaries during the flowering event
Most honeys in Australia are dominated by the ubiquitous flowering Eucalypts (of which there are over 800 species in nearly all bioregions across the continent). However, the high rainfall resulted in the Eucalypts putting all their energies into regrowing leaves after the stress of the drought, rather than flowering. Therefore, this honey can be described as a ‘La Niña’ honey - a result of a weather event that occurs once every 10 years or so.
Malfroy's Gold Wild Honey Mountain Meadow 500g
A 500g jar of Mountain Meadow Polyflora Wild Honey
Tasting Notes from Respected Wine Journalist, Mike Bennie

An amazing honey, packed with character, emphatically distinct, delicious in every sense yet somewhat other-worldly in its Australian botanical/flora-laden personality. A benchmark release. So fragrant, so much detail in flavour, thick-set texture and almost best eaten off a small spoon than used in more conventional manners!

Colour: Blonde, hazy-cloudy
Texture: Firm butter-like texture
Aromas: Subtle, delicate aromas of alpine flowers and botanicals, pot pourri, juniper, chamomile and faint caramel
Flavours: Lemon myrtle, chamomile, light toffee, green mango, cinnamon, wattleseed nuttiness

Mike Bennie, Australian Writer, Public Speaker and Wine Journalist, Instagram: @mikebennie101


The bold characters of our other Wild Honeys are not as present here, instead this is an ethereal honey with subtle herbal notes, a malty character and creamy fudge-like texture that perfectly captures time and place.



Directing Sunbeams

As part of our ongoing mission to share our love and knowledge of all things bees and natural beekeeping, we are always grateful to have our work or words included in select publications and online resources around the world. At all times we attempt to bring the discussion back to the core of our work - caring for the bees and for the unique landscapes we call home.

This month we have been fortunate to have a feature on our Wild Honeycomb printed in the latest edition of Eatable and our .delicious National Trophy mentioned in the .delicious Produce Awards bonus magazine (part of their September edition).

A Fragile State - Tim talks about Wild Honeycomb

Tim's Piece in Eatable on Wild Honeycomb
Delicate Wild Honeycomb built entirely by our bees

In this piece Tim discusses what makes wild honeycomb so different to commercially produced honeycomb and the positive effects on the bee colony of producing comb in this natural manner.

'Comb is made from the bees' own bodies and crafted into a profoundly important part of the bee superorganism by the bees themselves – it can be thought of as the skeleton, skin, womb and liver of the colony, and also acts as a communication network, contributor to social immunity and functions as an extended gut of the colony.'

Tim Malfroy Eatable Renewal Edition September 2021
Eatable Magazine, 'Renewal' Edition, September 2021
Malfroy's Gold Eatable Renewal Edition Sep 2021
Our Wild Honeycomb and some of Tim's words featured
The magazine is currently available in select newsagents and on Eatable's website in print and as a digital magazine.

More .delicious-ness

If you are a recent subscriber to our newsletter you may not be aware that our Blue Mountains Post Brood Wild Honey was awarded a national Gold medal and Tim won the National Trophy for Outstanding Artisan at the 2021 .delicious Produce Awards.

We received our trophy in the mail a few weeks ago, complete with a copy of the .delicious awards feature magazine which included some lovely words about Tim by Matt Moran ~ we are still feeling so blessed to be recognised by the finest in the Australian food industry!

Tim Malfroy Artisan of the Year .delicious Awards 2021
Tim Malfroy Outstanding Artisan 2021 delicious Produce awards
Matt Moran's comment on Tim's win and our Wild Honey

You can visit our Media page for more information on our Wild Honey in the public eye and excerpts of Tim's appearances in broadcast, print and online media over the years.

photos © .delicious, Eatable and Malfroy's Gold


The Essence of Sunshine

As the warmer weather sets in, some epic honey flows kick off and the new beekeeping season unfurls, we are thankful to have plenty of Wild Honey and Wild Honeycomb to offer you ~ so it's a great time to get into some of that Christmas shopping and beat the madding crowds!

In addition to the 500g jars of our new variety of Wild Honey, Mountain Meadow, we have also added new 4 packs so you can sample it along with our old faithfuls.

As always we have E-Gift vouchers on offer so you can give the gift of honey during these disconnected times.

Also, as mentioned last month, to make it easier for everyone to purchase our products while in lockdown, our recently reduced shipping rate and reduced minimum spend requirement remain in place until all lockdowns are lifted nationwide.

Happy Foraging!


This Month's Select Products

Malfroy's Gold 500g Wild Honey Mountain Meadow Polyflora

Wild Honey 500g
Mountain Meadow
Grassy Woodland Polyflora

Malfroy's Gold Wild Honey 500g Mixed 4 Pack

Wild Honey 500g
Mixed 4 Pack
(other combinations and
sizes available)


* Please note we are bound by Australian Biosecurity regulations so are not permitted to send honey to TAS, NT or WA



Social Insects

If you haven't been reading his Instagram updates, here is a little insight into Tim's Warré beekeeping adventures in the Blue Mountains and Central Tablelands.

Tim Malfroy and his Warré Hives in the Blue Mountains photo © eric Tourneret
In Spring, the colonies in our Warré hives start building comb at the base of the nest

As the days lengthen, the weather warms and wildflowers come into bloom, our bee colonies start expanding their nests. For Tim, the species most emblematic of this time of year in the lower Blue Mountains is the Yellow Bloodwood (Corymbia eximia).

A close relative of the Eucalypts (in fact, it was originally identified as a Eucalypt), it features as a major contributor to our Blue Mountains Polyflora Wild Honey and Honeycomb when in flower.

Malfroy's Gold, Blue Mountains Yellow Bloodwood Honeycomb
Some of the Polyflora Wild Honeycomb Sections we will be selling again soon!
Malfroy's Gold, Yellow Bloodwood blossom at one of ourBlue Mountains apiaries this spring
Large Yellow Bloodwood flower buds burst into creamy fragrant blossom every second spring

Growing out of pure rock in sandstone woodlands, Yellow Bloodwood often has gnarly twisted limbs underneath an attractive olive green canopy. The rough bark is rusty yellow, tessellated and often oozing with kino and the honey is a light amber colour with a dense body, and caramel and citrus notes. Sweet and striking, but not overpowering or cloying.

Malfroy's Gold Apiary Yellow Bloodwood
One of our small Warré Apiaries in Sandstone Country surrounded by Yellow Bloodwoods

A Yellow Bloodwood honeyflow is the perfect time to produce beautiful Wooden Sections of Wild Honeycomb, and that is exactly what is happening at the moment. Stay tuned for notification of the first harvest in our next newsletter!


At the end of last season, Ben from @leap_films came out to spend a few hours with Tim in the Blue Mountains apiaries and film him at work. They had planned to do some more filming this spring but that will have to wait a while longer due to lockdowns etc. In the mean time Tim has loaded a couple of short vignettes of Ben's footage on Instagram - hopefully there will be more of them coming down the track to share the how, where and why of what we do.

Malfroy's Gold, Beronia Blossom at one of ourBlue Mountains apiaries this spring
A still from one of Ben's short videos of Tim beekeeping in the lower Blue Mountains, © Leap Films
Malfroy's Gold, Blue Mountains Spring Apiary
Another still from a different video of Tim checking honeycomb frames in the hives, © Leap Films

As previously promised, Tim will continue to fill your feed with updates from the field about the ever changing and unique flora of the regions, bee biology, our wild honey produce and other interesting things - all bee related - follow along below!

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Part of our Hive

This month, we are focusing on Topher Boehm from Wildflower Brewing and Blending, who we collaborated with recently.

In an industry first, Topher experimented with fermenting our Post Brood honeywax to create a new kind of beer, and the result was their very popular brew, Hive: Post Brood.

It’s been a joy for Tim to work with Topher - he’s one of those rare individuals who is not only great to hang with but also has a tremendous work ethic and really 'walks the talk' when it comes to sustainable sourcing of ingredients and in-house processes. You can read about the collaboration here, where Tim has gone into some detail about the Post Brood honeywax and the thinking behind using it for a beer.

Malfroy's Gold and Topher from Wildfower Brewing
photo © Wildflower Brewing and Blending

'There is honestly no food I can think of that has intrigued, surprised and inspired me more than Tim and Emma’s Post Brood polyflora honey. A product of patience, respect for nature and sheer determination to an idea, my family has become obsessed with it...'

— Topher Boehm, Sydney, November 2020
Wildflower Brewing and Blending

We recently sent some more of our Post Brood honeywax to Topher, so keep an eye on the Wildflower pages for release details about the third iteration of the Post Brood beer. The two earlier vintages have sold out and it is fast becoming something of a cult classic - truth be told, most of their beers are cult classics!

Wildflower's 'Hive' brew - made with our Post Brood Honey Wax
Topher's incredibe Hive: Post Brood brew, made with Honeywax from our Post Brood Honey (photo © Wildflower Brewing)
Propolis, Malfroy's Gold Propolis and Wildflower brewing
On a side note, Tim was also impressed when a small jar of propolis he'd gifted Topher ended up being incorporated into an additional, special micro release beer simply called Propolis - for Wildflower collective Customers only! (photo © Untappd)


In case you missed it last month, to showcase the very talented and creative people who work with our produce, we combined some of their amazing creations in a little slideshow on our Awards page (with some new additions from the last few weeks), and have also collected some kind things they have said about our work on our Testimonials page.

We are so grateful to them that our produce is respected and used in such awe inspiring and imaginative ways!



Finally, a big thank you to everyone who contacted us after our newsletter with positive feedback - your kind words and support are most appreciated and put a spring in our step!

A special thanks to those of you who purchase our Wild Honey, Honeycomb and Beeswax. We are so grateful for our supporters and customers, particularly those who have been ordering from us for many years now and are embracing our new online shop system with open arms.

We hope you enjoyed our second newsletter and are always happy to hear your thoughts.
(If you missed last month's newsletter and would like to read it you can do so here.)

Signing off for another month of this eventful year,
Tim, Emma and the Daughters of the Light

Photo below: Tim in the Home Apiary (plus sheep and weeping cherry) © Our seven year old
Tim Malfroy of Malfroy's Gold
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