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A Heavenly, Ethereal Gift

'I sing of honey, the heavenly ethereal gift'

Georgics, Virgil, 29 B.C.

Hello Emma,

As this eventful year rapidly draws to a close, we hope this missive finds you well and thriving.

In the interest of saving some of your precious post-lockdown and pre-Christmas time, we will keep this month's edition a little shorter but just as sweet!

Our main news is that we now have 200g jars of Wild Honey available in 4 packs online in time for Christmas. In addition to that, Tim has written an article on the fantastic results our Wild Honeys achieved in the TA (Total Activity) tests which measure antibacterial properties in honey.

We will also share some select products and gift ideas, deadlines for ordering prior to Christmas, and as always, Tim will update you on his beekeeping sojourns.



Sweet and Petite

200g Jars Now Available in Four Packs

We are excited to now offer 200g jars of our Award Winning Honeys - just in time for Christmas!

Malfroy's Gold Wild Honey 200g Jars
Our latest addition to the fold, 200g Jars in packs of 4 (single and mixed varieties available)
These smaller jars have proven popular through our distributor and retail channels and are now available for direct purchase in our online shop.

Four of our current and award winning varieties are included in the 200g packs, so you can buy a pack to sample yourself or purchase one to use for gifts. They are perfect stocking fillers or a sweet addition to a gourmet hamper.

Single 200g jars will be available to purchase next year in our online shop - we will keep you updated via our newsletter so stay tuned!



Waxing Lyrical

Despite the many trials and tribulations that come with running a primary production business Tim has managed to write another article!

This time he discusses the TA (Total Activity) test results we received recently which analyse the antibacterial strength of our Wild Honeys.

If you’re interested in the medicinal benefits of honey, or healthy food in general, the below article, and prior articles loaded on our website outline how our products differ from conventionally produced honey.

Our Wild Honey: Healthy Bees, Medicinal Honey
Malfroy's gold Cross Section Post Brood Comb
A frame of Wild Honey from one of our Warré hives in the Central Tablelands

In this, our third article on test results, Tim looks at how our honeys performed in Total Activity (TA) tests, which assign a number value to indicate the antibacterial strength of a particular honey. Although our primary aim is to increase bee health and resilience, we also endeavour to supply a medicinally beneficial, ethically produced honey at an affordable price to the community. Therefore, we were thrilled to discover that every sample of our honey was found to be highly active.

Tim will be writing more articles in the near future and commenting on papers released in beekeeping and scientific circles when he gets a spare minute, so we will keep you posted on any new articles in this newsletter and on Instagram.



A Reflection of Place

Product News

As mentioned in last month's missive, we are thankful to have plenty of Wild Honey available in 4 packs and 3 jar sizes for most varieties and Wild Honeycomb still in stock ~ so it's a great time to tick off some items on your Christmas list!

In addition to the 200g jars 4 Packs mentioned above, our Blue Mountains Polyflora Wild Honeycomb 300g Sections are available online again.

As always we have E-Gift vouchers on offer so you can give the gift of honey this Christmas without the extra pressure of meeting postal deadlines.

Shipping and Housekeeping

In keeping with the Christmas Spirit we have decided to extend our recently reduced shipping rate and reduced minimum spend requirement until Christmas.

To guarantee delivery by Christmas we advise you to place your orders by the end of November as Australia Post has advised there may be delays in delivering goods during this peak period (and due to Covid related disruptions).

Our online store will be open over the Christmas break, however, we won't be posting orders out between the 21st and 28th December.


This Month's Select Products

Malfroy's Gold 500g Wild Honey Blue Mountains Polyflora

Wild Honey 500g
Blue Mountains Polyflora

Malfroy's Gold Wild Honeycomb 300g Blue Mountains Polyflora

Wild Honeycomb 300g Wooden Section
Blue Mountains Polyflora

Malfroy's Gold $50 Gift Voucher

Malfroy's Gold
E-Gift Voucher

Malfroy's Gold Wild Honey 200g Mixed 4 Pack

Wild Honey 200g
Mixed 4 Pack
(other combinations and
sizes available)


* Please note we are bound by Australian Biosecurity regulations so are not permitted to send honey to TAS, NT or WA



Social Insects

Another instalment of Tim's Warré beekeeping adventures in the Blue Mountains and Central Tablelands.

Malfroys Gold Warré Hives in the Blue Mountains
A picture of health and abundance! One of our Warré apiaries in the lower Blue Mountains

Spring has sprung and the colonies in the lower Blue Mountains are thriving on a diet of diverse wildflowers. In these conditions, and despite their large size and wild genetics, colonies in natural comb Warré hives are usually docile and very little protective clothing is needed when working them.

Malfroy's Gold, Blue Mountains Yellow Bloodwood Honeycomb
The beauty of fresh, virgin comb built by the bees
Malfroy's Gold, Yellow Bloodwood blossom at one of ourBlue Mountains apiaries this spring
A large colony ‘bearding’on a honeyflow in the lower Blue Mountains

In spring I add empty boxes underneath the broodnest which allows the colonies to expand naturally and at their own pace. The speed of comb construction during ‘honeyflows’ (a seasonal abundance of nectar in the environment) can be astonishing!

Malfroy's Gold, Blue Mountains Yellow Bloodwood Honeycomb
A quick selfie with the bees!
Malfroy's Gold, Yellow Bloodwood blossom at one of ourBlue Mountains apiaries this spring
We’re thrilled to be producing these unique 300g Wooden Sections of Wild Honeycomb again this spring

I never tire of seeing large, wild colonies thriving in great conditions. During warm weather or when a colony’s population outgrows its home you will often see the ‘bearding’ phenomenon (it looks like the hive has a beard of bees) and it’s a sign that the colony needs more space i.e. additional boxes to expand into. These colonies that are ‘bubbling’ out of the boxes are perfect for producing some of our unique 300g wooden sections of Wild Honeycomb – a beautifully pure product that we’re very proud of.

Spring is also swarm season for the bees! Sometimes collecting them can be tricky – I had one leave a hive recently and cluster underneath a sandstone ledge a few metres off the ground. Climbing up with an empty box and trying to hold my balance, I carefully scooped the bees into the box and then shook them onto the white cloth above the ledge, directing them into the hive I’d prepared. I spotted the queen amongst the throng of bees, and watched as they marched into the hive, accepting it as their new home.

Malfroy's Gold, Blue Mountains Yellow Bloodwood Honeycomb
Lace Monitor (Tree Goanna) in the apiary, Wollemi Wilderness
Malfroy's Gold, Yellow Bloodwood blossom at one of ourBlue Mountains apiaries this spring
An awkward but successful swarm catch on a sandstone ledge

Sometimes things can take you by surprise in the bush – usually a snake or spider to liven the senses! I heard a rustling in the dry leaves behind me the other day when I was checking colonies at one of our apiaries in the Wollemi wilderness. I was excited to see a small (well, not that small!) Lace Monitor (Tree Goanna), which quickly scurried up the large Eucalypt (oozing kino) behind me. It’s a privilege to not only work with the bees, but to spend so much time in these incredible landscapes as they are full of unique wildlife.


As previously promised, Tim will continue to fill your feed with updates from the field about the ever changing and unique flora of the regions, bee biology, our wild honey produce and other interesting things - all bee related - follow along below!

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Once again, thank you to everyone who contacted us or purchased items after reading our previous newsletter - your ongoing support of what we do is very much appreciated!

We hope you enjoyed our third, briefer, newsletter and are always happy to hear your thoughts.
(If you missed last month's newsletter and would like to read it you can do so here.)

Thank you for reading,
Tim, Emma and the Daughters of the Light

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