'He had lived with the bees so long, they had become so
accustomed to him, and his skin was so tough and hard,
that they no more thought of stinging him than they
would of stinging a tree or a stone.'

Frank R. Stockton
The Bee-Man of Orn

Malfroy's Gold Bee
Natural Beekeeping Australia Swarm Malfroy's Gold Tim Malfroy, Woodlands
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Malfroy's Gold Australian Honey, Honeycomb & Beeswax

In our experience as beekeepers, educators and honey sellers, we are constantly amazed by the wider community’s interest in bees and beekeeping.

In order to give you an insight into Australian natural Warré beekeeping, the following selection of images from our
instagram feed incorporates our day to day activities beekeeping, Australian native flora used for honey production,
typical apiary locations, engagement with the local and international food, permaculture and beekeeping communities,
and news about our bee products.

Our small apiaries are nestled in the wilderness and visiting the sites is a chance to engage not just with the bees,
but with the incredible wildlife that abounds there. This botanical wonderland is a rich environment for the bees and
one that provides us with constant learning which we are excited to record and pass on to the wider community.

These unique and varied landscapes have their challenges, with bushfires, floods, heatwaves, dust storms,
snow storms and droughts all common occurrences at different times of the year.

We hope that, although we do sell and promote our wild honey, the images presented here show not only the details
of the unique bee husbandry and our Warré method, but the wider picture of our life with nature in these
incredible landscapes. Our wild honey is the culmination and representation of that life. 
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