'The knowledge of bees is the basis of the beekeeper’s success;
and for all other people who, amidst the whirl of present-day technology, still prove to have a clear feeling for lively Nature, they are a source of joyful edification.’

Karl Von Frisch
The Dancing Bees 1967

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Malfroy's Gold Australian Honey, Honeycomb & Beeswax

Natural Beekeeping Australia is deeply committed to providing world class education,
handmade Warré beehives for aspiring natural beekeepers and furthering knowledge of bee-friendly beekeeping in the Australian environment.

On this website you will find information about Natural Beekeeping, the Warré
method we promote and the Warré hives we build and supply to students.
We have also compiled a Resources page as a useful reference tool for Natural Beekeepers around the country.

In addition to teaching Natural Beekeeping, we own and operate an award winning artisan honey label, ‘Malfroy’s Gold’, and have been professional Warré beekeepers since 2008.

At the core of our business is the intent to learn from ‘the daughters of light’ and to operate in a way that is ethical, sustainable and socially responsible.

We hope that our work will generate interest in holistic beekeeping, renew an appreciation for honey, increase awareness of the natural world and enhance
pollination and diversity throughout the landscape.

Thankyou for visiting, Tim and Emma Malfroy
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