‘Therefore go, my People’s Hive, go into all the gardens
of France… Go and fill every fireside with
honey and happiness.’

Émile Warré
Beekeeping for All 1948

Malfroy's Gold Bee
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Natural Beekeeping Australia Warré Hives
Photo © Eric Tournerét
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Malfroy's Gold Australian Honey, Honeycomb & Beeswax

Please see below for full details on our custom designed bee-friendly Australian
Warré Hives and hiveware, handmade in the Blue Mountain, NSW, Australia.*

More information on the Warré method can be found on our Warré Beehives page.

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Natural Beekeeping Australia Warré Beehives Tim Malfroy
Natural Beekeeping Australia Warre Hive Construction
Bernhard Koch and Tim Malfroy
© Douglas Lance Gibson
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  To place an order for Warré Hives, please email tim@malfroysgold.com.au.
Please note, fully assembled hives are built to order and pick up only.
  Warré Beehives
  Natural Beekeeping Australia Malfroy Warre Hives
Full Australian Malfroy's Warré Hive
We offer Warré hives without bees for aspiring Natural Beekeepers.

Due to high demand, hive sales are currently limited
to those who have undertaken our Two day Natural Beekeeping course.

We do not deliver hives - pickup must be arranged from
our woodworking shed in the upper Blue Mountains.

Our hives are essentially hand made to order and waiting times may apply.

Please keep this in mind when ordering hives to avoid disappointment.
Bernhard Koch and Tim Malfroy © Douglas Lance Gibson
  Hive Timber & Components
Our hives are expertly made from 22mm Macrocarpa Cypress, sourced from sites in South East Australia.
This timber has been harvested and milled from fallen farm, forest or garden trees, not plantations.

This exceptional quality salvaged timber is then selected and graded for use as long-lasting beehives.

We only use the highest quality, ethically harvested, sustainable timber for our beehives.

The green rough sawn timber planks are seasoned naturally over 6-12 months (no kiln drying), therefore waiting times may apply.

The timber we use is naturally durable, however if you wish to extend the lifespan of the hive, you can paint the exterior with a hot mixture
of pure Australian beeswax and raw Australian linseed oil. We use a ratio of approximately 10 parts linseed oil to 1 part beeswax.

We generally do not paint our hives, although painting the exterior is recommended for areas with high rainfall (1000 mm/year +).
We recommend using natural paint.

Hive Components and features include:

~ 4 boxes (100L hive volume min.) with assembled open frames (wax starter strips not supplied).
00Each box is quality constructed with 75mm decking screws.

~ Cleat handles for boxes

~ Traditional Warré gabled roof

~ Beetltra bottom board for bee-friendly SHB control and monitoring. Both types have cypress cleats and feature angled landing platform
00for bees and moisture drainage.

~ Fabric cover cloth

~ Quilt box with calico sack and dry, pure wood shavings

~ High quality Emlock and Strap

~ Entrance Reducers

  * Please note: The Malfroy Warré Hive is based heavily on ‘The People’s Hive’ of Émile Warré. It has been slightly modified to suit
Australian conditions, legal requirements and timber sizes by Tim Malfroy.
The modifications are a result of practical application of the Warré hive in our apiaries across different bio-regions in NSW, Australia.

Other types of bee-friendly hives may be offered for sale in the coming years - please sign up to our newsletter for updates!

** The Malfroy Warré hive is intended for use with colonies of the Honeybee, Apis mellifera.
To learn more about Australian Native Bees please visit: www.aussiebee.com

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