‘For thousands of years they have constructed their marvelous combs, to which we can add nothing, from which we can take nothing; combs that unite in equal perfection the science of the chemist, the geometrician, the architect and the engineer’

Maurice Maeterlinck
The Life of the Bee 1901

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‘Last Spring I attended Tim’s natural beekeeping workshop and despite
having a Langstroth hive already set-up and ready to go, by the end
of the weekend I knew I’d never keep bees in it.
Tim’s obvious love and respect for bees is infectious and the Warré
beekeeping method he teaches feels ‘right’ in every respect, allowing
bees to live like bees without unnecessary interference and giving
honey and comb in its purest form.
Under Tim’s guidance we now have our own Warré hive in our suburban
backyard and the bees live harmoniously alongside chickens, children and
pets. Tim is an incredible teacher and mentor and has been overly generous
with his advice and time. The bees are an endless source of wonder and
fascination and watching their behaviour change day to day in different
weather is wonderful. Now when I work in the garden close to the bees I
can not only hear but smell the hive, a warm heady mix of honey and wax.
But I can’t help feeling that however attached I get to ‘my bees’ they
will always retain an awesome independence. They will never be another domesticated pet and that’s what I find so wonderful about living alongside them, it brings a wild natural system close enough to be daily reminded
of the incredible complexity of the natural world.’
Belinda, 4th May 2011
Natural Beekeeping Students Visit Belinda's Urban Apiary
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  Between 2009 - 2017 we taught dozens of two day ‘Natural Beekeeping Courses’ across NSW.
From 2018 onwards we will be replacing the two day course with different types of one day Warré beekeeping course.

The courses are run in partnership with the amazing folks at Milkwood Permaculture, who facilitate and promote the course
(more details and booking information can be found below).
About The One Day Course (Stage 1)
  Natural Beekeeping Australia Tim with Full Warre Box

Natural Beekeeping Australia  Tim Teaching Course in Sydney
This course covers the basics of natural, organic, biodynamic, small-scale and bee-friendly beekeeping.

You will leave this course with a competent knowledge of
the fundamentals of natural beekeeping and be ready to
keep your own bees, Warré style!

Tim will focus on a style of apiculture that is exclusively designed for the small-scale beekeeper in both urban and
rural Australia.

This bee-friendly method aims to care for the bees,
allow them to control their own environment and is a
gentler approach than conventional beekeeping, resulting
in healthy contented bees and incredible wild honey.
The course focuses at all times on the practical application of natural beekeeping, grounded in a thorough understanding and respect for the
amazing biology of the honeybee superorganism.

Approximately 80% of the course is class-room learning and discussion with the remaining 20% spent outside during the hive opening session.

  About The One Day Course (Stage 2)
  Natural Beekeeping Course Milkwood Farm
Natural Beekeeping Australia Explaining Natural Comb Building
Natural Beekeeping Australia Students Milkwood Apiary0
Photo © Eric Tournerét

This one day course is for those who have already kept bees for at least one or two seasons - either in a Warré hive or
using natural beekeeping principles in another hive design.

This workshop will cover advanced ideas and techniques, relating specifically to Warré beekeeping, and will solidify
some of the knowledge you have already acquired through actively keeping bees.

This course is 50% classroom learning and 50% hands-on learning in the apiary.

Students will have the opportunity to form small groups and interact practically with the Warré hives on-site so please bring your beekeeping gear!
Why Study With Us?
  Natural Beekeeping Courses Malfroy
Photo © Eric Tournerét
Our courses are professionally run, featuring a series of presentations covering many topics including bee biology, natural beekeeping philosophy, apicultural history and the myriad of technical and practical aspects of keeping bees.

High quality photographs from our own apiaries are used
to provide visual detail to increase student learning.

We have a strong focus on student outcomes and the course
is structured to meet the needs of students from varying backgrounds and with different levels experience.

Extensive post-course notes are provided to each student,
along with a copy of David Heaf’s book,Natural Beekeeping with the Warré Hive: A Manual (Stage 1 only).

Tim is the only professional Warré beekeeper in Australia,
and one of a handful of professional Warré beekeepers in
the world.
He has many years of experience with natural beekeeping in different climates across Australia and his methods and ideas have been featured in a number of international beekeeping journals.

Tim's background as a 2nd generation beekeeper and a beekeeping assistant in his father’s commercial organic Langstroth apiary of 1,000 hives gave him a solid grounding in the practical aspects of apiculture.

In addition to his beekeeping background, he also has many years of teaching experience and can communicate ideas and methods in an engaging, inclusive way.
  Please visit here for unsolicited testimonials and blog posts about the course by our students.

Milkwood have been conducting post-course surveys since 2012 and this course has received 100% positive feedback from hundreds of students, with all attendees being ‘extremely satisfied’ with the course.
Bookings and More Information
  Please visit Milkwood Permaculture for more information and online bookings.

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